FAQ and School Policies

For class related materials and curriculum, please see class pages under "About." 

Each payment is for 4 consecutive classes, unless mututally agreed upon by Instructor and Customer.  These classes can start anytime, and are considered weekly from the start date.  First class is deducted from the first time class payment, so the first 4 week session will charge for only 3.  See Refunds and Guarantee for Cancellation Policies.  See each class page for more information on required materials and curriculum.

We understand that life happens, so we allow rescheduling of one class per 4 week term, with 48 hours notice.  Please call us at 213-534-8814 and or email info@losangelesacademyofart.com to make a schedule change.  All you do is notify us about the cancellation, and choose a new date to come instead.  We hold each class at least three days a week, so we have many options available for rescheduling, however class size is limited, so we encourage you to reschedule as early as possible.  Any reschedules after 48 hours are considered a missed class and are non-refundable.  Any more than two reschedules in one period (four weeks) will be considered missed classes, and not be refunded.

We will notify you two weeks in advance of any holidays or breaks for our school.  We are happy to reschedule classes for any holidays or breaks that aren't covered by our school, at no charge.  Please give us at least 48 hours advanced notice to reschedule holidays and breaks, so we can avoid a non-refundable missed class.

We know you'll love your class, but we understand that schedules change and things happen.  If you can't continue your class for any reason, please let us know with at least 48 hours notice of your next scheduled class, and we will be glad to refund you the amount left from your original payment.  For example, if you take two weeks of class and then have an emergency, but have paid for four classes, we will refund you the two weeks of class you are unable to take, as long as we have 48 hours notice.  If there is less than 48 hours notice, one class will be considered a missed class and will be charged at regular rate.

When in our classroom, please be courteous to your fellow students and don't take their photos or photos of their work without their explicit permission.  Please do not post photos with other people, students, or their work in it on social media unless you have attained consent from everyone in the photo.  We suggest sticking to selfies and photos of your beautiful work.
We supply some materials for your classes, please treat them with care and clean up when you're done.

Please contact us anytime between 8 am and 8pm Monday through Saturday at 213-534-8814, or 24 hours a day at info@losangelesacademyofart.com (we will reply within 24 hours.) 


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