Kid's Art Classes

For kids ages 6 and up, these classes teach your kid how to draw recognizable art, have fun personalizing and colouring, and giving your kids the foundational art skills that will allow them to grow as artists in whatever capacity they want.  These classes are tailored to your child's skill level, starting with the assessment and training that they will enjoy.  These are ongoing classes, not workshops or timed courses, so we have a flexible rescheduling policy because we know that people get sick and stuff happens.  


Supply List

During your first class, you'll be provided the supplies you need.  From the second class forward, these are the mandatory supplies.  Substitutions are not allowed.  You can buy these in class, or from your local art supply store.  We recommend Art Supply Warehouse.  They have parking and great prices.  They are a ten minute drive from the studio.  

Supply list Level One:

Rembrandt half pastels - box of 30 - Here at Amazon 

Supply list Level Three (Watercolour):

Pelikan Transparent Watercolours, set of 12 - Here at Amazon 

Watercolour brushes in two sizes (provided in class) 

Please have supplies these with you for each class and make sure yours is marked with your name.  Thank you!


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